Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Conference on Singapore Math Strategies

The first conference held in Las Vegas attracted 800+ participants. Other than the keynote lectures, I conducted several sessions during the conference. The titles of the sessions are given below together with the approximate number of participants:

A-2: How Can I Help My Students See It? Developing Visualization (180 pax)
B-2: Questioning Questions: Techniques for Improving Attitudes (200 pax)
B-9: Strategies for Teaching Challenging Word Problems (170 pax)
C-2: Mental Math Mastery (with Char Forsten) (280 pax)
C-11: Piece of Cake: Teaching Fractions (240 pax with many gatecrashers!)
D-3: Developing Thinking Skills & Habits of Mind (130 pax)
D-9: Lesson Study & Singapore Math (100 pax)
E-1: Creative Thinking for Students Who Struggle (170 pax)
F-19: Open Forum: Q&A With Dr Yeap Ban Har (50 pax)
G-1: Activity-Based Lessons (140 pax)

A-2 was taught using exampless from Grades 7-12 for the National Conference on Differentiated Instruction (19-22 July 2009). D-9 was also repeated during this conference. A new session The 5 Math Competencies was developed for the DI conference. Each session has about 150 pax.

The next National Conference on Singapore Math will be held in July 2010 in Las Vegas.